Tips on How to Clean Your Swimming Pool Water

Actually, cleaning your swimming pool water is not supposed to be a regular requirement if the pool water is tested on a regular basis and the pool filters are always kept clean and maintained. 

Cartridge Filter 

Clean the cartridge filter every time the pressure becomes too high. After turning off the pool circulatory system, the pressure in your cartridge can be discharged therefore, the cartridge can be safely removed. Wash thoroughly the outside portion of the cartridge and soak it in the cartridge cleaning agent according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Adding Chemicals to Your Pool Water 

You can have all the needed chemicals from a local pool supplies store. As a matter of fact, they will always have instructions or directions for use and come under an established trade name. You should always use the chemicals or cleaning solutions as instructed on the packaging. In addition to that, you should always make sure that the filter system is operating when you add the chemicals into your swimming pool. Add chemicals to the water to form a suspension or solution prior to adding them to your pool in order to ensure faster dispersal. 

Three Tests 

The water condition can be tested with the use of pH levels, calcium hardness and alkalinity as a guide. And since these are all interrelated with each other, it is already an achievement to get the levels back right together. These 3 tests are usually the basis of pool water maintenance. 

pH Level 

The pH test kit should present a level between 7.2 to 7.6. If the level of pH is too low, you may add sodium bicarbonate to your swimming pool. On the other hand, if it appears too high, you should add sodium bisulfate. 

Testing Kits 

Pool water test kits are available at any pool supplies outlets or stores and must be used according to the instructions which come with them. Using a test kit incorrectly will definitely lead you to false readings as well as could potentially damage your accessories and the pool itself if you take wrongful actions based on the incorrect results. 

Calcium Hardness 

The calcium hardness ideally should be 200 to 400 ppm. You may use sodium hexametaphosphate to reduce the level and calcium carbonate dehydrate to increase it. 

Alkalinity Level 

The alkalinity level must be ideally between 100 and 120 ppm. Use sodium bisulfate to lower the level and sodium bicarbonate to raise it. 

A properly maintained swimming pool should not require to have the pool water cleaned however, if the need arises, try to recognize the main reason why the water turned dirty and polluted and try also to prevent that from happening. 

Cleaning Products 

Several individuals make some errors of cleaning their filtration or pump system with home cleaners. While this might make sense theoretically, it may be hazardous to the living environment of your pond. If you feel that you already need to clean your pool with more than just elbow grease and water, go to a local pond supply outlet and get a bacteria or enzyme cleaner or you can also directly contact a professional pool maintenance San Antonio. 


Stainless-steel Range Hood Cleaning Tips

A range hood made of stainless-steel is basically very durable and strong. As a matter of fact, it is beautiful as long as it’s maintained clean all the time. This can be very challenging however, if you have the appropriate method of maintaining it, your range hood made of stainless-steel will definitely stay looking new and fresh. The following are some of the tips on how to clean your stainless-steel range hood: 

  1. Remove Stuck on Grease

With the use of a sponge with a soft scouring scrub on the other side, pour straight vinegar on the sponge and wipe the greasy portions. Next, put some table salt on the scouring scrub side and then, rub in a circular manner until the greasy residues are all taken out. You can do some repetitions in some portions if it is really greasy, usually the inside part of the range hood. After that, you will be getting ready to do a detailed cleaning of the entire range hood. 

  1. Clean the Whole Surface

Mix 1/3 vinegar with four to five drops of dish liquid agent in a spray bottle and finish it by adding water in order to fill the space on the bottle. Then, spray down your range hood and wipe it using paper towels. You can also do this step on a daily basis to keep the grease and dirt from building up and to keep the range hood looking new and sparkling. 

Stainless-steel Appliance Cleaning Tips 

Stainless-steel appliances have always been a very famous choice in a consumer market for quite some time. With so, several people buying ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators and a lot more in stainless-steel, and the unique cleaning requirements of the material have become so apparent and convenient. General dirt, pet hair, lint, grease, smudges and fingerprints are very visible on stainless-steel materials compared to the usual colored appliances. Not to say, cleaning appliances made of stainless-steel takes a little bit of time and effort compared to other ordinary appliance finishes. 

Tips on How to Clean Your Stainless-steel Appliances on a Daily Basis 

Stainless-steel appliances like a kitchen hood must be wiped down daily in order to stay and look sparkling new. If your appliance only has smudges or fingerprints, a simple wipe using a wet soft cloth can do. On the other hand, if it is a bit dirtier, you may use mild detergent or dish washing soap and water using a clean soft cloth. In order to get rid of the fingerprints, use a household ammonia or commercial glass cleaning agent. Always wipe your stainless-steel appliances with a clean, and then dry cloth to avoid spot marks. For deep cleaning and maintenance, it’s advised that you hire professional restaurant hood cleaning Charlotte. 

Commercial Stainless-steel Cleaning Agents 

If there is a scratch or stain that you really need to get rid of, a commercial stainless-steel cleaning agent which can be bought in any local or online store may solve the problem for you. Even though these cleaning agents don’t totally remove scratches, they definitely can lessen the appearance of them. 


Top Hacks to Make Yourself Less Stress Before Moving

The process of moving to a new place could be very tiring for those people who already experienced it or they have done the moving of their new things recently. The action done by removals Stevenage could be time consuming and it can drain your energy and not be able to move and relax yourself after moving all your things. From the time that you’re looking for the best moving services company to bring your stuff to the new house to the time that you need to arrange your stuff. Thinking about the time that you are happy with your neighbors and now you have to say goodbye to them and even to your close friends and relatives nearby.

Making yourself worried too much may not result to a good health condition of your body and you would be very tired physically and mentally when you keep thinking this. You have to balance things properly in order for you to have more excitement and not to be overwhelmed by being tired and too much stress of the stuff. To help you with this matter, you can do these things below and follow them one by one or choose one to do before you move to a new place.

You can do yoga to relax yourself more and be able to have a peace of mind and relax your muscles as well and different body organs in your system. The result of doing this would be very good as it could help to calm yourself and your mind, too from thinking too much things about everything. You can do this in the gym and join a group class to enjoy doing this with other people or with friends and the chance to have a good instructor. If you don’t have time and money to attend classes of yoga, you can download some yoga videos on your computer and try to follow it and enjoy at home.

It is the same thing with yoga as you can do it with your friends like exercising or stretching with your family members like running or jogging in the park. You can improve a great body condition and have a good blood flow in your body system and have a good mindset about being healthy in and out the body. You would need this one as when you move to a new place, you would need the physical strength in moving your things and carrying stuff in your new house.

Others would choose to go to a movie and enjoy the time with your old friends and it will give you to have a good bonding experience. You could have also had it at home and invite all of your friends to enjoy the movie together and you can prepare some snacks to eat. You could also ask help from your close friends about the moving process of your things and if they could have some time to help you arrange things. Don’t forget the checklist that you made.